This car presents one of the biggest technology challenges we have faced in all of our careers combined. On the outside it looks like a fairly normal and sedate R32 GTR but underneath it it has got pretty much everything you could do rolled into one car.

The objective of the build was to try and bring as much technology as we can in and turn an older chassis into something that has current day tech that you only find in top tier motor sport.

The solution

Starting in the boot, in terms of electronics, we‘ve got a Motec PDM15, which controls the back half the car, Braille carbon battery, 4WD system relocated to the boot on a custom billet tray, close loop 4WD pressure monitoring, fuel surge tank with Aeromotive Stealth fuel pump controlled by a Motec duel half bridge which lets us control pump speed based on engine fuel requirements rather than super heating the fuel and always sending it up to the front. We have also brought up the AST suspension canisters up onto the bracket to keep everything in a nice easy location.

Still runs a standard fuel tank, Wanbro 255 lift, controlled by the Motec PDM. All the lights in the car are digital controlled, there are no relays, no brake switches, it’s all done by pressure.

In the back end we’re running a modified S15 subframe which gets us more geometry for the back of the 32. 32 enthusiasts will know that the 32 suffers from horrible bump stear and the stock rear subframe is often a weak point. With some minor modification we’ve been able to get this car rocking the full s15 rear setup, with modified Z32 knuckles, no rubber bushings, all severical bearings. No movement or rubber compliance ensures the suspension runs in harmony.

Stock Tech custom rear brake setup, which is matched to give ideal balance for the front with the right sized rotor. In-house fabricated dog bones.

Carbon one piece draft shaft, from gearbox to diff. Diff is a Nismo 2 way that’s been modified by Greg Daly and serviced up inside the S15 frame.


Stealth looking interior, BR carbon door cards, electronic windows, custom roll cage, in-house parcel shelf, modified firewall, Sparco race seats, interior re-trimmed, black aluminium fasteners, Motec PDM30 inside the car controls all interior and engine functions, CAN Key Pad, electric window switches, digital isolators. Bluetooth steering wheel which comes off the car and still works and functions. Motec sequential, Motec C185 dash which controls the 4WD system (this is something we are incorporating into a lot of our cars). Tilton adjustable peddle box hidden behind the dash, R35 GTR throttle peddle (torque request peddle), wireless router allowing the car to be tuned via wifi. Behind the dash there is a Bosch motorsport ABS system which gives superior control over braking force and motorsport level ABS. This results in far superior braking effort and allows for different maps based on track, tire setup and grip level.

Full re-spray in black with TE37 Wheels

Front of car:

Everything has been out and all the subframes have been powder coated. Alpine mono block 6 pot callipers, big front disks, in the engine bay notable improvements include custom GTX series low mount turbo setup where we have also done titanium intercooler piping, no silicon whatsoever in the intercooler system which ensures no chance of hoses popping off.

Custom wet dry setup for the sump (exertional oil pump drive), reserve oil tank, ensuring the engine cannot run out of oil flow (oil starvation is a common R32 problem when on the track).

Spoil 2.8L crankshaft, custom titanium conrods and custom high comp pistons. Previous head setup has been retained (CDI system with smaller pencil type coils which still does a good job).

Individual EGT monitoring, PWR radiator, HKS intercooler, PWR power steering cooler, huge engine oil cooler with thermostat. Nismo plenum, all the hoses and units behind and underneath the plenum have been removed. Custom drive by wire setup sitting on top of the Nismon plenum which we built in-house, using M3 drive by motor. Underneath the plenum we have a sensor block and we monitor everything. Running Injector Dynamic 2000cc injectors, everything speed flows throughout all the hoses, titanium catch can. Turbo speed sensors on each turbo.

We have pretty much everything you want in a low mount setup.