HKS 2.8L @ 943WHP

Jeff Gave us the opportunity to put a test engine package together for his car while he was away. So for Racewars 2015 we put a package together to try some new ideas. What we came up with was a HKS 2.8 Galvsport Signature Series engine, Precision 76 series turbocharger, Crazy Luke manifold, Link G4+ PNP ecu and a few other goodies.

The reason for this project, was to test what sort of power we could make on an unmodified head, without losing big response. This engine made its 943hp at 7700rpm and over 1000ft/lb of torque. Using stock ports, valves, intake manifold and throttle body we can bolt Jeff’s street exhuast on and pass an emissions test. Crucial for engineering these big HP cars.

We took out the 1/4 mile challenge on the Saturday.

Not bad for a fully engineered street legal car, Jeff is back on his original Tomei 2.8, this HKS engine is making its way into another project we will cover in another post.