GT800 R35 GTR

We have been given the opportunity to prepare Norb’s 2012 R35 GTR to HKS GT800 spec. Starting with removing the engine, we have rebuilt it using HKS pistons and Carrillo connecting rods, ARP Custom age 625 Head studs and genuine bearings and seals throughout. We have then rebuilt the gearbox using Jack’s Trans Billet clutches, a Jack’s Trans ETS upgrade and a few secret squirrel reliability upgrades to ensure Norb can get the power to the ground. Air is kept cool via HKS GT1000 intercoolers and engine oil kept to a managable temperature via a AMS Motorsport oil cooler upgrade.

Fuelling is taken care of ID2000 injectors with a Galvsport in tank fuel upgrade, the convenience of Flex fuel has been kept by using the OEM ecu with Ecutek tuning software.

Keeping the wheels in touch with the tarmac are a set of AST’s 5300 series coilovers with custom Hyperco spring rates.

Braking will be taken care of with Alcon’s 400mm Superkit – Fitted up with Pagid RS29 pads.

Lap times to follow.